Why RCD in fuse box keeps tripping?

RCDs are design to trip when earth leakage goes over certain level. In domestics RCDs rated 30ma or 0.03amp. This means when electric leaks to earth more than 30 miliamp. 30ma earth leakage becomes danger to person. So its important RCD trips out before this level. It is quite common for appliance to become faulty especially appliance with element, like cooker or oven or washing machine, and trip the RCD.

What to do when RCDs trips?
First thing to do reset it by turning RCD back on, you may find it trips straight back off again. In this case turn all MCBs (fuses) off, then try to reset RCD by turning it on. If the RCD stays on then one by one turn MCBs on. If there is a fault on one of the circuits, RCD will trips out by one of the MCBs (fuses). In that case leave faulty fuse off then contact an Electrician.
If RCD won’t switch on even when all MCBs (fuses) are off, then go around the house and unplug all plugs from sockets and turn off all switches (light and …)
Don’t worry about things you can’t get to them or no access to unplug.
Then go back to RCD and turn it on, if it stays on then turn MCBs (fuses) on one by one then go back and plug in, all plugs one by one till one of them trips RCD off. Then you know what is the fault. If you find fault is in lighting circuit by turning light switch on and that trips RCD of then contact electrician.
Some appliance with element won’t trip RCD till they get warm and expand. Some fault won’t be find till you use a proper tester.
Please note we don’t take any responsibility if this information has been misused, if you are in any doubt please get in touch with electrician .
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