Do I need a new fuse box /consumer unit?

There is no legal requirement that calls for an existing safe electrical installation to be upgraded to current standards.


But remember all new electrical work, which you’re going to do, new lights, new sockets, A new kitchen, A new shower, and …must comply with new regs, and that means you either need to have a small 17 edition consumer unit, to cover your new works, or change your current fuse box to a 17 edition consumer unit to cover whole house.


We would recommend you have your fuse board upgraded for a new 17 edition consumer unit. This would provide far more protection to your home and much more importantly, you and your family. A new consumer unit will bring your home up to current electrical safety standards.
Only use a fully qualified electrician when replacing a consumer unit, please don’t try to swap your fuse board yourself or have someone who can’t provide any paper work and not got much experience do it for you, you don’t want to risk it when it comes to electrical safety, trust us!

We will change your old fuse box to a new consumer unit, and we will give you all part P certificate and will notify building control with no hassle.

If you need any advice or you need to know how much will cost, please call us on 07912024140 we will be happy to give advice or change your fuse box / consumer unit.