Why fuse/circuit breaker/mcb in fuse box keeps tripping?

MCBs / Miniatures / or Circuit Breaker
They come in different current rate and different type which depend on cable size and usage.
In domestic we normally use type B and different sizes, for lighting 6amp , sockets 16 or if its a ring 32amp, showers 45amp and the rest will change depending on cable size and usage .
MCBs design to trip and cut the power off for many reasons, and all are beacouse of when a bigger current flows more then MCBs size.
MCBs will trip out if you have short circuit or over current, that means when live wire and neutral or earth touching each other. for instance a lose wire behind a socket.
MCBs will trip out because of over load, this can happened when you have plugged in too many items, and total load is higher than MCBs rate.

There is no easy way to find out why a MCB trip out, it could even trips out when a light bulb goes.
If a MCB trips out try to turn it back on if it trips straight back off. contact your electrician.
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